The Stockholm Conference on Ultra-Early Intervention

Stockholm Conference on Ultra-Early Intervention is a scientific conference on Infant and Family Centered Developmental Care (IFCDC) organized by Karolinska NIDCAP Training and Research Center.

Save the Date: March 25th 2021

Nature under the influence of nurture – epigenetic science for evaluating environmental impact on newborn infants.


The Virtual 2020 Stockholm Conference on Ultra-Early Intervention:

EFCNI standards for Infant- & Family-Centred Developmental Care (IFCDC)
as a tool for addressing the challenge of inequality in a European and Global perspective

Webinar / Video-conference via Zoom conference, free of charge, March 19th 2020

Thank you all who participated with wonderful presentations, with sponsorship, with practical preparations and support and all who participated in the webinar, making this a great success.

340 people registered, from 42 different countries from every corner of the world. We ended up being at most for a given moment 130 people from at least 32 different countries!


11th Stockholm Conference on Ultra-Early Intervention

Conference handouts 2020 - Morning session

Conference handouts 2020 - Afternoon session

Current research and materials mentioned in the web conference of 2020

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