Clinical Pharmacology Trial Unit

The CPTU in Huddinge has more than 30 years’ experience of planning and conducting clinical trials in phase 1-3, both investigator-initiated and industry sponsored. We work in accordance with Good Clinical Practice (ICH-GCP) and emphasize subject safety and quality. Our nurses hold a diploma in clinical trials and our physicians are specialists in clinical pharmacology.

The CPTU is a small, well organized and flexible trial unit. The staff is highly skilled, competent and passionate about high-quality trials. We conduct out-patient trials and trials with up to five simultaneous in-patients.

The CPTU is authorized by the Medical Products Agency to conduct clinical trials where a drug for the first time is given to human subjects, so called first-in-human (FiH) trials. We also provide Clinical Pharmacology services regarding study design and pharmacokinetics

Services provided by the CPTU:

  • Study design
  • Drug metabolic studies
  • Experimental effect studies
  • Pharmacokinetic studies
  • Pharmacogenetic studies
  • Pharmacokinetic analyses and modelling
  • Dosing advice in early phase studies
  • Medical monitoring
  • Bioanalytical services

Studies are performed in collaboration with academic research groups and/or pharmaceutical companies. We prefer to be engaged early in the project in order to contribute to the development of a protocol that facilitates smooth and efficient conduct of the trial.

Our services can contribute to the succes of your clinical research project.

Contact information (week days 08 am to 4:30 pm):

  • Staffan Rosenborg, MD, PhD, Head of the CPTU, Phone +468-585 810 48
  • Karin Nordin, Research Nurse, Phone: +468-585 810 72
  • Peter Johansson, Research Nurse, Phone: +468-585 872 99
  • Lisbeth Johansson, Research Nurse, Phone: +468-585 810 91
  • E-mail CPTU