Välkommen till PiPPi-projektets Patient Citizen Advisory Group


Är du intresserad av att ge patient- och medborgarperspektiv på vårdens utveckling? Då är du välkommen till EU-projektet PiPPi som just nu bygger upp en process för att bättre möta vårdens utmaningar med digital innovation.

Mer information på engelska nedan.

PiPPi stands for Platform for Procurement of Innovation and Innovation of Procurement and the EU project gathers all stakeholders of healthcare in the building of a Community of Practice.

INVITATION to Patient Citizen Advisory Group

Last day to register: 15 March 2021

Healthcare providers seek continuous improvement for our patients and professionals. We are part of several initiatives and we are contacting you to inform that the PiPPi project is going to form a patient/citizen representative group. But before, let us briefly explain what is PiPPi.

The Platform for Innovation of Procurement and Procurement of Innovation (PIPPI) is a H2020 funded project led by Karolinska Hospital, that aims to create a cross border Community of Practice (CoP) for innovation procurement. PiPPi main goal is to improve patient outcomes by fostering cross-border cooperation through innovation in digital health care.

The involvement of patients and citizens in procurement, and particularly in the PiPPi project, is needed since you have an essential role. This explains the importance of the creation of the Patient Citizen Advisory Group (PCAG) composed by 3 to 12 patients'/citizens' representatives. Members will be recruited through an open call until the 15th of March 2021.

We would like to invite you or your associates who are willing to participate and become a patient/citizen representative of PiPPi project to send an email to office@h2020-pippi.eu with the Patient Citizen Advisory Group registration form that you can find in the project webpage (öppnas i nytt fönster). You also can find further information regarding the project, the PCAG role and tasks and the call on the webpage.

This will be the beginning of patient citizen involvement in the project, but further initiatives will start during next months. So, we would like to have you and your organization on board, as a member of PCAG or participating in future punctual events.

You can find further information and register to the Community in the PiPPi webpage: https://pippi.meduniwien.ac.at (öppnas i nytt fönster).