Breastfeeding positions

Breastfeeding in a sitting position

  • Sit upright
  • Sit comfortably on a chair/in an armchair/on a sofa with a backrest, you should be able to put your feet on the floor so do not choose seating that is too high off the floor.
  • If you want more support for your back, place pillows behind your back so you can sit upright.

Breastfeeding in a reclined or laid back position

  • This breastfeeding position can be beneficial in the beginning, as it enables the baby to get really close to your body. If you lie skin to skin, it stimulates breastfeeding behaviour.
  • If you sit lean back, you can place the baby's head between your breasts or on one breast
  • Let the baby search for the breast on its own.
  • The benefit of this is to use gravity so that the baby is close to you without you having to control the baby so much yourself
  • If your breasts fall to the sides, you may need to support them so that your breasts are in a more upright/forward-facing position, thus making it easier for the baby to find them.
  • Make sure the baby's airways are unobstructed

Breastfeeding lying down

  • Place one or two pillows under your head
  • Then lie down on the side on which you are going to breastfeed
  • Move your arm up a little on the side you are lying on, in order to create a little "nest" between your arm and your body
  • Move your stomach and buttocks back so that there is room for the baby and you are comfortable
  • Make sure the baby lies with its body facing yours and with your nipple level with the baby's nose so the baby has to open its mouth wide to latch on. The baby's head must be lying flat and not on your arm
  • In order to position the baby really close to you, try placing the baby's lower arm under your breast