Bathing your baby att the neonatal ward

When bathing the baby, the staff will prepare the bathtub with water that is approximately 37°C (elbow warm).

When the baby is to be moved from its cot or incubator to the bath, the baby is wrapped in a cloth or small blanket as it is lowered into the bath. You can carefully remove the cloth or blanket when the baby has been placed in the water. Support the baby by holding one hand/arm under the baby's head. Hold your hand around the upper arm of older babies. The staff will help you provide the right support for your baby.

Make sure the baby's body is under the water so that it does not feel that the bath is cold and uncomfortable. Let the baby stretch its feet towards the edge of the bathtub as this will provide extra support. There should be at least two adults at the start of the bath so that one can stay and support the baby's chest so that the baby feels safe, while the other can wash the baby. Wash the baby starting from the top and work your way down.

After the bath, wrap the baby in the towel making sure to dry all the skin folds properly from top to bottom. Check the baby's temperature to ensure the baby is warm enough.

You can bathe the baby 1-2 times per week.