Changing your baby's diaper

There should always be at least two of you when you change your baby's diaper so that the baby is supported. Depending on the baby's level of development, it is a good idea to lay the baby on its side when changing its diaper in the beginning. The staff will show you how to do it. One person focuses on holding the baby and the other changes its diaper. Try to gently lift the baby's hip when removing the diaper and then again when putting on a new one, and at the same time support the baby's feet.

If the baby has only passed urine it does not need to be washed at every diaper change. If the baby has defecated, use lukewarm water to wash its bottom.

Depending on the baby's medical status, the baby's diaper may sometimes need to be weighed by the staff. The staff will advise you so that you know what to do with the diaper once it has been changed.