13 okt 2022 09:00 -- 19:00

GMS: Complex Diseases Conference


It is our pleasure to announce the first conference for Genomic Medicine Sweden on Complex diseases. The event aims at bringing together people working with genetically complex diseases and traits and to accelerate the clinical implementation of precision medicine. The meeting is open to all clinicians and researchers interested in sharing their experiences in the field

Networking to actionize precision medicine in complex diseases.

Venue: Wenner-Gren Center, Sveavägen 166, Stockholm


Keynote talk
Paul Franks, Scientific Director, Translational Medicine, Novo Nordisk Foundation

Precision prevention – strategies and methods for adapting precision medicine approaches into primary prevention
Stefan Swartling Peterson, Professor, Department of Global Public Health, Karolinska Institutet

Using gut microbiota for precision medicine in complex diseases
Tove Fall, Professor, Department of Medical Sciences, Uppsala University

Polygenic dissection of occupational functioning and hospital admissions in bipolar disorder
Lina Jonsson, Researcher, Department of Psychiatry and Neurochemistry, University of Gothenburg

Precision medicine in asthma and allergies
Erik Melén, Professor of Pediatrics, Department of Clinical Sciences and Education Södersjukhuset

Strategies for implementing precision medicine
Andreas Hörnell, Chief of Staff, Precision Medicine Centre Karolinska

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Kontaktperson: Harald Hedman