25 apr 2022 08:00 -- 15:00

1st European Society of Human Genetics course on Precision Medicine: A Focus on Clinical Utility


Recent advances in science and technology, particularly in the field of genomics, has led to an explosion of new information on what underlies health and what constitutes disease and has ushered in this new era of medicine. European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG) now offers course (3 day/ 9 themed sessions) to help bridge the gap between what's clinical possible and the appropriate education to allow for the implementation of these medical advances.

The exciting era of precision medicine and health has arrived.

In 2022, clinicians and scientists can make accurate diagnoses and provide targeted therapies to their patients according to well-defined, biologically-informed disease subtypes, accounting for individual differences in genetic make-up, behaviours, cultures, lifestyles and the environment.

Contributions from over 40 world class educators/experts in the field of precision medicine, from over 20 clinical and academic institutions, will provide an up-to-date practical knowledge of the area and equip the attendees with the basic principles (current and future) of precision medicine in a way so they can be applied to any area of medical practice/ interest.

Appropriate CPD/CME credits will be provided.

The course is suitable for:

  • clinicians and other healthcare professionals  (those who have completed their training or those who are currently in training).

  • Scientists/academics at all levels

  • Patients/ Patient Support Groups interested in learning about the appliance of precision medicine.

  • Pharma/ Industry representatives 

Detailed program and agenda

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