28 apr 2022 08:30 -- 16:40

Nordic Precision Medicine Forum, day 2


Since 2016, this conference has brought together the leading experts from government, industry, technology, research and healthcare to share learnings to help advance the implementation of precision medicine.

Key themes for 2022

  • Large-scale clinical trials and how these are supporting
    next-generation developments in the Nordics

  • Advancing the application of multi-omics – from the lab
    and into practice

  • Technology advances in machine learning and AI and how
    that is advancing Big Data analysis

  • Next thinking to take Precision Medicine beyond genomics

  • IVDR implementation and managing the roll-out for the
    Nordics genetic testing market

  • Integrated approaches to delivering the real-world
    implementation of Precision Medicine in the hospital

  • Unblocking data legislation barriers to enable
    secondary-use of patient data

  • Novel approaches to biomarker discovery

Venue: Hotel Birger Jarl, Stockholm
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