24 jan 2022 08:00 -- 15:00

Personalized medicine from a Nordic perspective


This online course starts as part of the optional curriculum for last-year medical students at the University of Iceland (UI) and University of Copenhagen (UC), but is also planned to be part of specialist training courses and CME activities. Enrollment for free starts 21 January.

The course in Personalised medicine from a Nordic perspective will introduce, describe, define and discuss the concept of personalised medicine from the aspect of the patient, health-care and the infrastructure available to generate a learning environment that is integrated with everyday care of patients. The course also covers communication of risk and the ethical, legal and social aspects of personalised medicine and presents examples where personalised medicine approach is already used in routine care.

The course consists of 6 modules

Promotion video of the course (1 min)

Kontaktperson: Sisse Rye Ostrovski