Stockholm Conference on Ultra-Early Intervention

The Conference on Ultra-Early Intervention is a scientific conference on Infant and Family Centered Developmental Care (IFCDC) organized by Karolinska NIDCAP Training and Research Center.

Stockholm conference on Ultra-Early Intervention 2023 - "Always together"

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March 23rd at Sune Bergströms Aula, Karolinska University Hospital
March 24th Nordiskt nätverksmöte

The Virtual 2020 Stockholm Conference on Ultra-Early Intervention:

EFCNI standards for Infant- & Family-Centred Developmental Care (IFCDC)
as a tool for addressing the challenge of inequality in a European and Global perspective


EFCNI standards for Infant- & Family-Centred Developmental Care (IFCDC) as a tool for addressing the challenge of inequality in a European and Global perspective. Video-conference, March 19th 2020

  • 00:00 Welcome address and practical information (Stina Klemming)
  • 00:06 European Standards of Care for Newborn Health. Presentation of the greater project: methodology, presentation format (Silke Mader)
  • 01:02 Zero separation/Family access - Couplet Care (Björn Westrup)
  • 01:34 NICU-design, Supportive sensory environment (Pierre Kuhn)
  • 02:08 Family supportive services and Parental involvement (Mandy Daly)
  • 02:52 Case management (Siri Lilliesköld)
  • 03:17 Clinical consultation and supervision for healthcare professionals on supporting families (Sari Ahlqvist-Björkroth)
  • 03:57 Training video for immediate KMC in iKMC-Study (Karolinska team)
  • 04:17 Education and training in IFCDC (Inga Warren)
  • 05:00 Bonding and attachment related to skin to skin contact (Rosario Montirosso)
  • 05:54 Hungarian perspective: a NICU patient experience can initiate changes (Livia Nagy)
  • 06:21 Implementation of IFCDC in a Greenfield single-family room quaternary hospital in Qatar (Charlotte Tscherning, previously Casper)
  • 06:42 US Standards, Competencies and Recommended Best Practices for IFCDC in the Intensive Care Unit [The Gravens' standards] (Joy Browne)
  • 07:24 Closing remarks. Adjournment - Welcome back next year! (Stina Klemming)

Conference handouts 2020 - Morning session

Conference handouts 2020 - Afternoon session

Current research and materials mentioned in the web conference of 2020

Does SSC started immediately after birth and continued until stabilization and beyond for preterm infants improve survival and reduce morbidity?

The iKMC – Immediate Kangaroo Mother Care

Study in Malawi, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ghana, India (n=4400). Initiated by The Karolinska team, run by The WHO and funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

See article in BMC

Training video for the iKMC Study, made by the Karolinska team.

IPISTOSS - Immediate Parent Infant Skin TO Skin Study

- in Karolinska, Sweden and Stavanger, Norway (n=150).

See article in Acta Peaediatrica

See clinical trial information from U.S. National Library of Medicine


11th Stockholm Conference on Ultra-Early Intervention

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