Experimental Cardiothoracic Surgery Lab (ECTS)

Our research comprises different aspects of cardiovascular disease and regeneration. We use human fetal and adult cardiac stromal cells as a research model to study immunomodulatory properties and engraftment of these cells and also mechanisms of fibrosis and wound healing. Another important research topic in the ECTS lab is to study the role of the extracellular matrix in heart valve biology.



  • Karl-Henrik Grinnemo (MD, PhD, Associate Professor)
  • Cecilia Österholm Corbascio (PhD, Assistant Professor)
  • Marie Löfling (PhD)
  • Ivana Bulatovic (MD, PhD)
  • Karin Ljung (MD, PhD student)
  • Kim Olesen (MSc, PhD student)
  • Carl Granath (MD, Research Assistant)