Our facilities

At KFC, you can rent different rooms such as labs, cell culture rooms and offices. At the same time, you get access to our common rooms and equipment.

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The lab spaces are hired out to individual groups; bigger labs can even be shared with a second group if requested. They are equipped with lab benches and chairs, at least one fridge/freezer, a ventilated hood or bench, a chemical storage cabinet, an acid cabinet under the ventilated hood if requested, a fire-extinguisher and an "elephant foot". All lab spaces have a storage room close by with allocated space.


Cell culture rooms:

The cell culture rooms at KFC are hired out to individual groups. There are no common cell culture rooms at KFC. All cell culture rooms are equipped with a safety bench, an incubator, an inverted microscope, a bench centrifuge and a fridge/freezer.



The office spaces are hired out to individual groups and are secured by combination locks. The offices are typically furbished with desks with personal trolleys, chairs, wall-mounted shelves, a clothes cupboard, a telephone and internet access (SLL, can be converted to KI-SLL).

Common rooms:

  • Kitchen equipped with crockery, cutlery, fridge/freezers, dishwasher and microwaves; free coffee and tea with condiments are available
  • Conference rooms for 8, 20 and 30 people, respectively
  • Culture rooms:
    • Bacterial culture room (equipped with incubators, turbidity meter, bench centrifuge, fridge/freezer and sonicator)
    • Virus culture room for work with lenti and retro virus (P2) (same equipment than cell culture rooms)
  • Instrument rooms with common equipment
  • Weighing rooms with balances
  • Freezer hotel
  • Pre-PCR room
  • Chemical waste room
  • Recycling stations
  • Changing rooms with showers
  • Recovery/sick room


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