The Stockholm Conference on Ultra-Early Intervention

Stockholm Conference on Ultra-Early Intervention is a scientific conference on Infant and Family Centered Developmental Care (IFCDC) organized by Karolinska NIDCAP Training and Research Center.

In 2019 we will focus on sleep in the developing brain, on the importance of sleep for normal development in preterm and hospitalized newborn infants and on how developmental care and observation of the infant behavior within the concept of NIDCAP (Newborn Individualized Developmental Care and Assessment Program) can protect sleep in the NICU. With maturation in the state system, with calm sleep and calm alertness, comes an emerging consciousness. How are circadian rhythms affected by preterm birth and hospitalization for newborn infants? Can we use neuroscience to evaluate developmental care? How can we use our knowledge of astrocytes and other neuroglia in evaluating developmental care and sleep in the newborn?

Welcome to the 10th Stockholm Conference on Ultra-Early Intervention.

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