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Ibrahim Baylan, Swedish Minister of Enterprise and Innovation, stressed the importance of innovation collaborations when opening Karolinska's international online symposium Augmented Spine, focusing on the latest advances within the field of augmented and virtual reality in spine surgery. The symposium also emphasized the achievements within one of Karolinska’s innovation partnership with industry, which has resulted in the development of new technology as well as more than 20 scientific publications.

Below you will find the recordings from the symposium, arranged by the Department of Neurosurgery in collaboration with the Center for Innovation at Karolinska University Hospital on February 5th 2021.

Videos from the symposium

Augmented Spine Symposium | part 1 of 4

  • Minister of Enterprise and innovation Mr. Ibrahim Baylan
  • Director of Research, Education and Innovation Annika Tibell and Stefan Vlachos, Head of the Center for Innovation at the Karolinska University Hospital
  • Professor Staffan Holmin, Karolinska Institute: New imaging techniques and potential for spine applications
  • Dr. Erik Edström, Karolinska Institute: Technical advances in neurosurgery
  • Gustav Burström, Karolinska Institute: Augmented Navigation
  • Associate Professor Michael Söderman, Karolinska Institute: Superselective spinal angiography: surgical aspects


Augmented Spine Symposium | Part 2 of 4

  • Professor Christopher Nimsky, University of Marburg: Intraoperative CT for microscope-based augmented reality in spine surgery
  • Dr. Drazenko Babic, University of Magdebourg: From idea to Innovation
  • Professor Benno Hendriks, Delft University of Technology: Navigation and sensing in spine surgery
  • Professor Paul Breedveld, Delft University of Technology: From squid tentacle to steerable screw
  • Professor Claes Olerud, Uppsala University: Spinal reconstructions using fibula grafts

Augmented Spine Symposium | Part 3 of 4

  • Professor Roger Härtl (Keynote speaker), Weill Cornell Medicine
  • Overview: Where Are We with Navigation?
  • Professor Niklas Marklund, Lund University: Biomarkers of cervical myelopathy
  • Professor Paul Gerdhem, Karolinska Institute: Pathogenesis of scoliosis

Augmented Spine Symposium | Part 4 of 4

  • Abstract presentations
  • Dr. Victor Staartjes, University of Zurich: EUROSPIN: The European Robotic Spinal Instrumentation Study
  • Professor Michael Winking, ZW-O Spine Center Osnabrück: Benefits from Modern Imaging Technology in Spine Surgery
  • Dr. Adrian Elmi Terander, Karolinska Institute: Closing remarks & future perspectives


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