Medical Radiation Physics and Nuclear Medicine: Research, Development and Education

Medical Radiation Physics and Nuclear Medicine at the Karolinska University Hospital has an international reputation in research and clinical development, with a history of contributions to the field stretching back many decades. The department is also at the forefront of the education and training of the next generation of clinical scientists and healthcare personnel.

Research and Education

The department is large with a total staff of around 130, including around 75 physicists, 10 engineers, 25 nurses and 8 physicians. This enables a critical mass of staff to be involved in research and development activities. With strong links to academic institutions in Stockholm, within Sweden and internationally, we are well-placed to demonstrate that state-of-the-art research leads to state-of-the-art patient-care.

Medical Radiation Physics and Nuclear Medicine is divided into the following units:

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Education and Training

The department is involved in the training of a wide variety of clinical staff, including nurses and physicians. However, one important component of our educational activities is in the training of the next generation of physicists. The department is heavily involved with teaching on the Masters program in Medical Radiation Physics, run by Stockholm University. For more detail on that program, please see here (öppnas i nytt fönster).


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