The BioClinicum Building

The BioClinicum building is designed to increase the integration between research, education and health care, and to promote interactions between research groups. With state-of-the-art laboratories and a conference center, BioClinicum is a hub for Karolinska University Hospital's research and education. The building is connected to the medical university with a skyway and has a strategic location at the hospital's Solna site.


BioClinicum is located at the center of the Karolinska University Hospital's site in Solna. The building has entrances at Solnavägen and Akademiska Stråket and is connected to the hospital via the main entrance on Eugeniavägen, a skyway and the walking path at the Akademiska stråket. A skyway also connects BioClinicum to Biomedicum, the laboratory research center at the medical university Karolinska Institutet. BioClinicum creates a bridge between the university and the hospital as well as being a center for research and education within the hospital.


BioClinicum consists of three smaller buildings, two lab-cores and a mantle building on floors 3–8. The mantle building holds administrative environments connected to the research laboratories. BioClinicum is equipped with a common infrastructure making it possible to share advanced and expensive equipment. The staff kitchenettes on each floor are open to everyone to promote the interaction between the research groups. The entrance floor of BioClinicum holds conference rooms as well as an aula for 300 people.


  • Number of floors: 11

  • Area: approx. 40,000 sqm

  • Number of research laboratories: 195

  • Number of people: about 1000 researchers, chemists, instructors and healthcare staff

  • Architect: White Tengbom Team

  • Film: Inauguration of BioClinicum