Premises for Research, Education and Innovation (FoUUI)

Facility coordination within FoUUI is handled in col­laboration with the Facility & Building department (LoB).

Rental inquiries and lease terminations

All research groups in the building dispose of their facilities in accordance with separate agreements. The rental agreement will be updated in conjunction with notices of termination or expansion of the facilities, and the research group leader, or equivalent, will approve the change. Rent will be deducted every month from designated cost center at Karolinska.

New groups

The following procedure shall be followed regarding a new enquiry for allocation in BioClinicum:

  1. When a research group shows an interest for moving to BioClinicum they are referred to the facility coordinator at the department of Research and Education The facility coordinator will, together with the research group, try to find an appropriate allocation. It is important that the group leader already at this point are in contact with appropriate prefect and hospital predecessor.
  2. The facility coordinator will anchor the proposal with the house manager, research theme leader and affected research groups.
  3. If there is no hindrance, the group leader will be contacted with information of rent, rental agreement etc.
  4. Appropriate prefect and hospital predecessor will approve the allocation and the commitments made by the group by signing the rental agreement.
  5. The formal decision of allocating the new research group to BioClinicum is made by the FoUUI-director.

Notice of termination

The notice period for FoUUI facilities is three calen­dar months and the notice of termination must be received by the facility coordinator at before the last day of the month. When giving notice of terminating of lease, instructions on how to leave your facility will be received, in addition to a relocation form that must be complet­ed and handed in to the facility coordinator. Before moving, an appointment with the facility coordinator for a review of the facility should be booked. Rent must be paid up until the time when the relocation state­ment has been handed in and the facilities have been inspected and approved.

Facility change requests

If you like to make smaller changes to rented facilities, please complete a change request form. You can retrieve the correct form by mailing, the form designated for BioClinicum has a green letter head (see below at the bottom of the page). A cost center at Karolinska University Hospital needs to be specified and the form should be signed by the research group leader or equivalent and sent together with the Excel file to so the facility coordinator can place the order. This procedure is important to ensure that the building's infrastructure is retained and all functions are registered.

When Coor receives a request, it will be assigned a case number and forwarded to LoB or FM. Coor will get back with a price estimation and the purchaser will approve the cost before the change is made.

If the cost exceeds 50 000 SEK the request will be handled as an alteration request (ÄF) and you have to place a new order on a separate form. To retrieve the form please contact The process will take longer and requires decisions at a higher level.

Move of equipment and furniture

No equip­ment in BioClinicum owned by the Karolinska University Hospital may be moved without contacting the Research and Education Department by e-mailing to The equipment category may include items such as incubators, safety benches, freezers, some com­puters, printers, and projectors. Furniture includes lab furniture, benches, lab chairs, desks, chairs, cupboards and furniture in kitchens and other common spaces.

You can place an order for relocation via Coor's service portal or by calling the Coor Helpdesk on 08-517 780 90 no later than 48 hours before the move. Coor personnel will, if necessary, contact you to ensure that the correct information has been registered. A charge will be levied in conjunction with reloca­tion and a cost center at Karolinska must be specified. If items are to be scrapped, you must place an order for scrapping to Coor Helpdesk on 08-517 780 90.

The correct form for change requests in BioClinicum has a green letter head.