Karolinska University Hospital part of RePo4EU


From low precision drug therapy to high precision curative therapy through real-world data. RePo4EU is a european/global platform for mechanism-based drug repurposing.

A global hub

The consortium of REPO4EU (Precision drug REPurpOsing For EUrope and the world) ultimate goal is to build and grow an industry-level European online platform for validated precision drug repurposing with a global reach. This platform will operate as the go-to data hub for key information, training resources, matchmaking and cooperation in drug repurposing. The program has been granted almost €23M by the European Commission as part of the Horizon Europe Programme.

During the next 7 years, 28 partners from 10 countries (The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Spain, Sweden, Romania, Belgium, Portugal, Switzerland and the United States) will join forces to make RePo4EU a reality and create a unique platform for drug repurposing, pooling stakeholders and expertise at a global stage to create a “made in Europe”, fully-fledged infrastructure for drug repurposing.

RePo4EU offically starts in Maastrich with Professor Paolo Parini from Karolinska

RePo4EU will officially start September 2nd-3rd with the 1st international conference on drug repurposing. Professor Parini and his team will run the clinical intervention studies that will be planned thanks to drug repurposing.

-Drug repurposing with the help of Network Medicine is the future for quickly implementing new treatments in healthcare and for treating patients in a more precise and effective way. Being a partner in RePo4EU is extremely important for us as clinical researchers and for the entire hospital as we have the opportunity to generate benefits for the future, says Prof. Paolo Parini, MD, PhD - Karolinska University Hospital

About RexPo22

The first international conference on drug repurposing. World-renowned experts and busy discussion around the future of drug repurposing.

When: September 2nd-3rd
Where: Maastrich School of Management, Maastrich,The Netherlands

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