Karolinska University Hospital ranks # 9 in Newsweek's survey "World's Best Smart Hospitals 2023"


For the second year, Newsweek has produced a list of the hospitals that makes the best use of the most advanced technology in healthcare. The survey ranks the leaders in the use of artificial intelligence (AI), digital imaging, telemedicine, robotics, and electronic functionality. Karolinska, which is the only hospital outside the USA on the top 10 list among the "World's Best Smart Hospitals", excels in the artificial intelligence category.

- Karolinska's vision is to cure and relieve tomorrow what no one can cure and relieve today. To get there, investments in technology and methods are required that make new treatments possible. Another prerequisite is that the hospital is extremely data driven. This ranking is an important recognition that the hospital is at the forefront in areas that will revolutionize healthcare, says Björn Zoëga, CEO.

Currently several pilot projects are underway to develop and evaluate concrete AI tools where it is judged to be useful within healthcare. An example is in the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) where AI can facilitate the interpretation of MR images of the brain. The goal is a more qualitative, efficient, objective and patient-safe diagnostics and follow-up.

The ranking is based on a weighting of medical results, patient-reported quality or experiences and recommendations from doctors, other healthcare professionals and managers in the healthcare sector.

The survey, which Newsweek did together with the research company Statista, ranks 300 hospitals in 28 countries: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, India, Italy, Japan, Canada, Lebanon, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom, Sweden, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Germany, USA and Austria.

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