Karolinska eighth best hospital in the world


For the third year in a row, Karolinska University Hospital has been ranked one of the top ten hospitals in the world by Newsweek magazine. Newsweek has designated Karolinska as the world’s eighth best hospital and number three in Europe.

“Being ranked amongst the very top hospitals in the world three years in a row is an acknowledgment of our strength,” says Björn Zoëga, CEO of Karolinska University Hospital. “In 2019, Karolinska did not feature in the Newsweek rankings, but we are now established amongst the very best. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the work done by all our employees to help us improve. It is confirmation of the consistent effort that has been put in, all ultimately aiming to improve our care of our patients.”

For the fourth year, the respected Newsweek magazine has produced a list of the world’s best hospitals. The rankings cover over 2,200 hospitals in 27 countries, amongst them the United States, Germany, the UK, France, Switzerland, South Korea and Japan. The hospitals are ranked according to three criteria: medical outcomes, results from patient surveys and recommendations from experts such as doctors and healthcare managers.

“Although 2021 was an extraordinary year, marked by the pandemic and the need to look after large numbers of COVID-19 patients, we also provided excellent care for our regular patients and delivered first class research and training,” says Zoëga.

 “Waiting times, for cancer and heart patients among others, are at historically low levels, and our quality record is consistently high. Karolinska will not be satisfied with this and we will continue to work hard. Being best at what’s difficult is part and parcel of our mission.”