Karolinska is one of only three hospitals anywhere in the world to introduce a new framing system for use in Gamma-Knife treatment for patients with brain disease


The Department of Neurosurgery at Karolinska University Hospital is one of just three centres worldwide that are first to use a new frame developed for in Gamma-Knife treatment. The new frame provides the potential for improved diagnostics and shortened examination times for patients receiving Gamma-Knife treatment for brain disease.

The new frame offers many benefits for the patient. By providing improved radiological diagnostics, it makes it possible to ensure higher quality treatment and patient safety, while also reducing the time spent on examinations. It generates greater comfort for patients, and is easier to manipulate for medical staff. The frame’s construction also considerably reduces the need for logistical processes with external actors, which minimises both the vulnerability of patient flow and costs.

When providing treatment with a Gamma Knife, a frame with a corresponding system of coordinates is affixed to the patient’s head, under local anaesthetic. This makes it possible to define the target areas in the brain, while also eliminating head movements during the taking of images and during treatment. This enables the achievement of an extremely high level of precision in the delivery of a dose of radiation to the diseased tissue, while also avoiding damage to the healthy brain tissue. The treatment is usually performed on a single occasion, and patients are usually discharged from the hospital on the same day, without requiring subsequent sick leave. This method of treatment avoids the traditional risks of complications resulting from open surgery, such as bleeding or infection.

The new frame, Leksell Vantage, has been developed by the Gamma-Knife supplier Elekta, with which Karolinska University Hospital has, for several years and via Region Stockholm, had a long-standing functional agreement. This enables Karolinska to treat patients using the latest technology and updates that are developed for the Gamma Knife. Karolinska provides continual feedback concerning the clinical experiences and knowledge derived from the treatment, in order to contribute to the further improvement and development of the technology.

Photo: Linn Almerud