Karolinska declared the world’s seventh best hospital


Karolinska University Hospital is the seventh best hospital in the world, according to Newsweek magazine. The hospital is ranked highest in Scandinavia and second highest in Europe.

For the third year, the prestigious Newsweek magazine has produced a list of the world's best hospitals, covering 2,000 hospitals in 25 countries. The hospitals are ranked according to three criteria: medical outcomes, results from patient surveys and recommendations from experts such as doctors and healthcare managers.

Last year, Karolinska was in tenth place in the world and so has climbed three places, up to number seven.

"This is recognition of the wonderful work done by all the hospital's employees," says Björn Zoëga, CEO of Karolinska University Hospital. "2020 was unlike any other year in modern times. But Karolinska stood out, both locally and globally, by looking after large numbers of Covid-19 patients and studying the disease at the same time. And despite the pressures of the pandemic, we also continued with our education and training and our research and to care for our normal patients. Queues for cancer and heart patients are at historically low levels, and our performance is consistently high quality."

Only Charité Hospital in Berlin, at number six, is ranked higher than Karolinska University Hospital. All the hospitals in the top five places are American or Canadian. The highest-ranking hospital is Mayo Clinic, followed by Cleveland Clinic and Massachusetts General Hospital, all American.