Patient centered research at Karolinska University Hospital has now moved to the BioClinicum


The last moving trip of 2018 to the BioClinicum research facility is now completed, which means that approximately 550 researchers will start working in the new facilities.

The BioClinicum research building lies in close proximity to the new hospital building in Solna with the Akademiska Stråket between them. The BioClinicum also makes up a part of the new life science cluster that is taking shape around the hospital area and in the Hagastaden district.

"Now we are gathering a large part of Karolinska University Hospital's research environments in Solna under one roof. The BioClinicum is an important part of strengthening patient centered research and for translating research into new treatment methods faster," says Annika Tibell, Acting CEO Karolinska University Hospital.

Over the year, around 100 research groups moved into the modern research environment, which is close to the clinic, where they are divided into research themes tied to the hospital's themes. In the new research building, research groups utilize everything from common premises and teaching environments to equipment and cutting-edge instruments in a whole new way.

The new infrastructure also provides a unique proximity to Karolinska Institute and simultaneous ties to both the Karolinska University Hospital's new hospital building in Solna and the lab district in the area.

"It is awesome, we have a completely new research environment in close proximity to the clinic for researchers to apply to. It is an environment built to enhance translational research and which provides enormous opportunities for researchers to retrieve medical issues and questions directly from healthcare, which in turn enhances development of the best treatment results for the patients. The BioClinicum is an important part of the process, 'from bed to bench and back'", says Linda Lindskog, Section Head of FoU at Karolinska University Hospital. 

Facts about BioClinicum

  • BioClinicum covers 40,000 m2 with environments for research and teaching.
  • Brings together around 100 research groups within three research themes.
  • Here, among other things, are 195 research labs, a clinical training center and a planned knowledge center for world-leading imaging operations.
  • Integrates care, research and training.
  • Has a research environment in close proximity to the clinics and it is tied to healthcare at Karolinska's new hospital building.
  • Is also in physical proximity to the Karolinska Institute and the new research building, the BioMedicum.
  • In the future one of the floors will house a unique Center for Imaging Research.