Code of Conduct – important material regarding our behaviour in the workplace


Karolinska University Hospital created a document in 2017 called the “Code of Conduct”. It is a concrete and comprehensible compass for all staff members at Karolinska University Hospital, so that we can create a good working environment and a positive workplace that includes everyone.

The Code of Conduct is for all employees at Karolinska University Hospital. It is a complication of the hospital´s guidelines and policies based on our key values; responsibility, humanity and holistic view.

In summary, the Code of Conduct presents the following:

  • Karolinska University Hospital's basic values
  • Our responsibility in our treatment of patients and family members
  • Our responsibilities towards each other / non-discrimination / zero tolerance for harassment and victimisation
  • Work environment
  • Internal and external communication

One example of an area that is discussed in the Code of Conduct is zero tolerance for harassment and victimisation. It is phrased like this:

Karolinska University Hospital does not tolerate harassment. This behaviour may take many forms – including verbal comments, physical overtures and bullying – and can come from patients as well as colleagues. Even though the legal definition of harassment may vary depending on place and cultural norms, Karolinska University Hospital has zero tolerance for all types of harassment.

The Code of Conduct must be presented to all employees by their immediate supervisor. There is also a material made to present and discuss the issues in a workplace meeting. The Code of Conduct is also available as a brochure (find it below). The Code of Conduct will also be attached as part of the introduction material that is presented to all new employees together with the employment contract.

If employees suspect serious mistreatment in hospital operations one should at first hand approach immediate supervisor or HR support. If this route is not available another option of approaching is Karolinska University's Hospital's whistleblowing service.

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