The move of the pediatric emergency ward and pediatric care is complete


On November 27, the pediatric emergency ward, inpatient care and some of outpatient care at the Astrid Lindgren Children’s Hospital moved into their new facilities.

Patients and staff are in place in the new facilities. In total, 49 pediatric patients were moved over the day.

Svante Norgren says that the move went smoothly.
"The move went smoothly and according to plan. The patients moved are now in their new rooms, with their parents, and are a part of rounds after the move. We have not had any medical complications in connection with the move and operations are running according to their regular procedures," says Svante Norgren, the Head of the Women's and Children's Health Theme.

For the move to be patient safe, staffing was extra high during the day. Other hospitals in the county helped out and accepted more patients than usual as agreed.

"Our employees have done very good work both with the preparations and during the actual day of the move. They have also had close contact with children and parents and report that the families have felt safe and secure during the move," says Svante Norgren.

All material and all medical technology equipment have also been moved.

The pediatric emergency ward, which opened in its new facilities at 6:00 a.m. on November 27, accepted patients throughout the day. The move went well, both the old and new emergency wards were staffed and people were on site to guide patients and relatives to the right places.