Childhood Cancer App for Children and Relatives


Getting the right information is vital for families with children under the care of the Pediatric Oncology unit. The development from a traditional information binder to an easy-to-use app therefore satisfies a strong demand. BarncancerAppen is a new Swedish app for children with cancer and their relatives. 

The app provides easier and direct access to information at the moment it is needed. Such information includes phone numbers, links, procedures, examinations and answers to frequently asked questions that you may not think to ask during a doctor's visit.

As one parent put it: "It's so good to have an app instead of a binder, which just sits on the kitchen counter at home."

"Since the app is available to all relatives, not just those who have the binder, we can convey information to the entire family in a quick and easy manner. It is especially great to be able to send out push notifications with particularly important information," says Linn Pettersson, nurse at the Pediatric Oncology unit of Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital.

The Pediatric Oncology unit will manage the application and update the content. The staff is already convinced that the app simplifies information management.

"Creating something new is really satisfying. The intention was to give patients and their parents current information in a simple way. It is much easier now that we are transitioning to a living digital information channel like an app," says Gunnar Cleve, a pediatric nurse who is responsible for the content. 


  • BarncancerAppen, which is now undergoing testing, was developed by the unit in a cooperation with the Innovation Center of Karolinska University Hospital and the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.
  • BarncancerAppen will undergo further development, which will focus on the needs of the patients and their families. The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation is also providing funding for continuous further development.