First hospital construction phase complete – now it’s time to safely move in patients


Stockholm County Council and Karolinska University Hospital have received the key to the first section of the new university hospital in Solna. Intensive work to outfit and move in to the new hospital has now begun.

June 2nd is a big day! Karolinska University Hospital receives the key to the first section of the new hospital building in Solna.

Close to 25,000 objects need to be put in place, medical equipment must be calibrated in their new environment, and staff must be trained in new methods and techniques in order to be ready to receive the first patients at the end of November.

The Cardiovascular theme and the pediatric unit of the Children's and Women's Health theme will be the first to move in. But, a lot needs to be taken care of before this can happen. Patient safety is the main focus of the entire process.

The New Karolinska Solna project is the single largest project ever for both the County Council and Skanska. The first buildings are now complete, and Stockholm County Council has taken possession of an ultramodern facility that enables the hospital to provide highly specialized medical care in close cooperation with research and training. Most of the permanently-installed equipment in the operating rooms is already in place, as is the art that is integrated into the building. It is now time to fill the building with everything from movable equipment and supplies to new knowledge. Based on international experience, the final process of completely outfitting and moving a hospital takes about six months.

Everyone to receive training

In mid-August, an intensive phase will begin involving the training of staff who will work in the completed section of the new hospital. The work methods are new, and the staff needs a chance to practice them. Training also involves the staff learning their way around the new premises, understanding how the new medical equipment works, and learning how the patient appointment system and logistics work. In the new hospital building, a large amount of the equipment will be traceable, meaning that the devices will each contain a chip so they can be easily located when needed.

Clinically clean

Before patients can be received, the hospital must also be cleaned. This involves achieving a very high level of cleanliness, with certain critical rooms, such as operating rooms, undergoing several rounds of cleaning.

Time to move the patients

At the end of November, it will be time to transfer the patients from the current Karolinska University Hospital in Solna to the new building. The hospital safe are accustomed to safely transporting patients, and experience has shown that it is best to move patients during a weekend, when there is a lower level of regular activity at the hospital. Cardiovascular patients will be moved on Sunday, November 20th, and pediatric patients will be moved the following weekend, on November 27th. Once this is complete, the first phase of the new hospital will be up and running.

Remaining building phases

The research building will be completed in 2017. The remainder of the main building will be completed later that same year. In 2018, the keys will be handed over to a separate treatment building that, among other things, will house wards and the radiotherapy department.