Gamma Knife at Karolinska

Our specialized teams offer treatment for brain tumor and other diagnosis, with the Gamma Knife, which, as such, originates from Karolinska. Karolinska University Hospital provide world-class neurosurgery and hospital care within the entire neurosurgical field. We have a long tradition of neurosurgery and also of treatment with the Gamma Knife.

Gamma knife surgery is a minimally invasive treatment for neurological diseases. The current model focuses 192 radioactive beams on a target area in the brain.

The target can be tumour tissue, a vascular malformation or an area exposed to pain.

The ultra-modern Gamma Knife at the Karolinska University Hospital is a radiosurgery device with precise technology that automatically shapes and moves the beams to best conform to the target. The shape and dose of the radiation is optimized to focus on the target, sparing the surrounding healthy tissue.

The radiation sources are shielded by a 20-ton heavy radiation protection so that you as a patient and the health care-professionals are spared unnecessary radiation.

The treatment is done with high precision and Gamma Knife surgery is an effective and safe treatment.

Facts Gamma Knife

  • About 500 patients are treated with the gamma knife each year.
  • The unit at Karolinska University Hospital is unique and it´s the only one in Sweden. We treat patients from all over Sweden and from other countries.
  • Professor Lars Leksell invented and developed the Gamma
    Knife. He was active at Karolinska Hospital 1960 to 1974 and the first Gamma Knife unit began treating patients in 1968.
  • The ultra-modern Gamma Knife at the Karolinska University Hospital is called the icon.

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Karolinska University Hospital is one of three centres worldwide that are first to use a new frame developed for Gamma Knife treatment. This provides the potential for improved diagnostics and shortened examination times. Read more about the new frame for Gamma Knife treatment.