Swedish Healthcare

Swedish healthcare is constantly ranked amongst the best healthcare systems in the world.

By combining cutting edge treatment and research with tradition and safety, patients from all over the world travel to Sweden to undergo treatment and seek advice. The Swedish approach to healthcare with emphasis on non-hierarchic, team-based, patient centered and value-based care is reputed for bringing out excellent results.

Stockholm is ranked as one of the most innovative and creative regions in Europe, and is also the base for one of the most exciting life science clusters in the world. Alongside Karolinska Institute, home of the Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine, several others of Europe's most prestigious academic institutions can be found here.

The outcomes of treatment in Sweden are ranked to be among the best in the world, referring to both excellent outcomes compared to OECD countries and the overall quality within the healthcare system. According to the the Lancet Sweden's healthcare system was ranked as the 4th best in the world out of 195 countries participating in the study.

The Swedish healthcare system stand out on:

  • Lowest MRSA infection rate in the world – Sweden can boast to have one of the lowest infection rates in the world, about 1 percent
  • Excellent treatment outcomes – Low maternal and infant mortality rates and top marks among OECD countries regarding 5-year cancer survival statistics amongst others
  • Publicly funded – based on the principles of tax funded healthcare based on equality, safety, reliability and efficiency
  • National Quality Registries – Used for enhanced learning, improvement, research and management continue delivering world-leading healthcare