International Patient Office

The International Patient Office Team handles all administrative matters for patients from abroad including support with treatment inquiries, cost estimates, visa support and appointments, final invoices and more. We are happy to help!

Whether you need a Second opinion, highly specialized treatment or a long-term rehabilitation program, International Patient Office at Karolinska connects you with leading specialists and caregivers in Region Stockholm .

We are the gateway for international patients and partners seeking health care services in Stockholm. We represent not only Karolinska University Hospital but also the other major hospitals and several specialized clinics present in the Stockholm region.

We offer:

  • International patient referrals and highly specialized treatments
  • Medical second opinions and multidisciplinary team conferences
  • Education and training programmes for medical professionals
  • International partnerships and healthcare management consulting services

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Karolinska University Hospital International - International patient Office

Karolinska University Hospital International - International patient Office
Visiting Address: Eugeniavägen 3 (main entrance)