European Reference Networks (ERN)

European Reference Networks (ERN) aims to connect the leading expertise in Europe to deal with complex and unusual medical conditions that require a concentration of knowledge and resources with the aim of being able to offer better care for individual patients and an increased exchange of knowledge.

Patients suffering from rare diseases needs to know which centres in Europe they can go to for diagnosis, multidisciplinary care and treatment. It is important for both patients and healthcare professionals to know where specific expertise in available.

ERN is closely linked to the European University Hospital Alliance (EUHA), where Karolinska University Hospital (Karolinska), together with eight other leading European university hospitals, runs various collaborations to develop and improve academic healthcare. Karolinska has the assignment of coordinating the network of rare diseases within EUHA aswell as the role of national coordination of ERN.

Karolinska is a leader among European hospitals in terms of ERN participation and a member of 20 of the 24 networks. See the full list here.