European University Hospital Alliance

Karolinska has been a member of European University Hospital Alliance (EUHA) since 2017. Together with eight other leading university hospitals in Europe, we collaborate to develop and improve healthcare.

University hospitals have a unique place in the healthcare system with responsibility for care, research and education and we face our own unique challenges. Within EUHA, we build networks to share experiences and create a common platform to be able to influence decision-makers, industry and other actors. Together we are strong, we comprise more than 220,000 employees, we have representation in 100% of all ERNs, run more than 300 funded research and development projects within our organizations and together carry out more than 6,000 clinical studies.

An example of a collaboration area is around the pandemic, where we, among other things, learn from each other, compare strategies and create forums for discussions within different professions. Another area of ​​cooperation is cell and gene therapy, where we want to accelerate development and make it easier for patients to gain access to future care. In November, Karolinska took over the presidency and we are now formally leading the cooperation for the next six months.

For any question about EUHA, please contact Anna Sahlström, EUHA Steering Committee member and coordinater of Karolinska's activities within EUHA.

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