Inflammation & Infection Theme

This theme covers several internal medicine specialities, together with infection, rheumatology and skin diseases. Care is organised into 17 patient flows based on similar diagnoses. The theme has a large outpatient care profile with strong clinical research.

Within all patient areas, clinical and experimental research is carried out at the highest international level in close collaboration with Karolinska Institutet. This research includes clinical trials, register-based studies, other sample collection studies, nursing studies projects and more basic experimental activities conducted in a laboratory environment.

The theme in brief:

  • The theme’s patient flows currently represent care volumes of about 83,000 care days and roughly 230,000 visits, and the theme has a staff of about 1,200.
  • The patient flows are collected into four patient areas, each with their own activities both in Huddinge and in Solna.
  • The theme has responsibility for training in many different professional categories at both specialist and basic levels.
  • There are currently fifty research groups attached to this theme.