Heart & Vascular Theme

We offer treatments and expertise within all areas that concern heart and vascular care. Our cardiologists are experts in treating heart conditions, including conditions that are complex and rare. Our surgeons diagnose and surgically treat thousands of patients per year. We are on the leading edge of treating cardiovascular and cardiothoracic conditions and use the latest treatment methods, such as minimally invasive surgery and advanced endovascular techniques.

The theme has about 500 personnel spread throughout four patient areas: heart failure and congenital heart defects, coronary vessel and heart valve disease, arrhythmia and vascular disease. Within these patient areas there are nine patient flows and a common care department. Care is provided both in Solna and in Huddinge.

The theme is at the forefront in the Nordic region in the development and application of new, less injurious and minimally invasive methods for providing highly specialised cardiac care.

All care is provided in close collaboration with specialised function areas, primarily within Perioperative Medicine and Intensive Care, Diagnostic Imaging and Physiology and Health Professions. Together, we follow the patient throughout the entire flow.

There is a high level of integration between our four patient areas. Within all of them, innovative care, research and training is carried out in order to optimise diagnosis and treatment for the various patient groups.