Children & Women's Health Theme

The most severely ill children come to us from all over the country. We provide care for children with chronic illnesses and acute conditions, as well as looking after premature babies. The theme also has a national healthcare role for certain advanced surgical procedures in children and adolescents. The Women's Health component of the theme covers areas such as pregnancy and childbirth, gynaecology and reproductive medicine.

The Children's and Women's Health theme, which has 3,200 personnel, is active within six patient areas and two inter-thematic function areas. Care is provided at Karolinska University Hospital in Solna and in Huddinge, and also at Danderyd Hospital.

The theme is organised into 25 patient flows and about 160 patient groups within children's and women's health. The theme has about 310,000 patient visits a year, of which 105,000 are acute visits. There are something like 8,500 childbirths every year.

Children's and Women's Health provides teaching and conducts substantial clinical research and development with cooperation on a broad international basis.