Cancer Theme

The Cancer theme is one of the largest of Karolinska University Hospital's seven themes. It provides investigation, treatment and care for patients with malignant tumour diseases, as well as benign haematology, coagulation disorders and urology.

Our new organisation and way of working allows responsibility for the patient to be shared throughout the entire care chain. By working with value-based care, with collaboration between multi-professional and multidisciplinary teams, we strive to achieve results that make a difference for the patient. Our close collaboration with Karolinska Institutet also allows us to carry out extensive patient-near clinical research and training activities.

With the Cancer theme, we offer expertise and career development for healthcare personnel, and there are multiple options that provide stimulation for study and research within healthcare. Our goal is the integration of academic healthcare development into the entire theme organisation.

The Cancer theme operates primarily in Huddinge and Solna, though it also has activities within cancer care at Danderyd Hospital. We are divided into six patient areas, one functional area and an area for care administration.