Aging Theme

Our task is to establish and run a "Center of Excellence" for integrated and highly specialised geriatric care, research and training. The vision is to become a hub and knowledge generator in Europe's biggest geriatric university healthcare institution and to be able to offer frontline treatment on a large scale to the aging population of the county and, more widely, of the region.

The aim is that the theme should offer high-quality care that is created in very close cooperation with Karolinska Institutet. The theme should also operate with transparent and continuous control of value for the patient, with a clear team providing a stable basis for recruiting and skills development.

Aging is a broad and important field that is not organ-specific and that is characterised by large patient numbers. It includes one of the largest RD&T units at Karolinska, which provides a strong basis for the integration of care and RD&T. The high patient numbers will allow the theme to generate a large volume of clinical data and knowledge in the future.

In 2018 there are plans for a new memory unit, genetic advice and a unit for clinical trials at Karolinska in Solna. 1st November saw the opening of GAVA in Huddinge – the first geriatric emergency care unit in Stockholm in collaboration with the Acute Function.

Our theme has about 320 staff members divided between two patient areas:

  • The Aging Brain
  • Elderly Patients with Multiple Pathologies

Inpatient care is provided in Huddinge, while outpatient care is provided both in Solna and in Huddinge.