Our Operating Model

Health care is an important issue for everyone of us the day we, or someone close to us, becomes a patient. From a societal perspective it is significant that all citizens have access to care of good and equal quality. The Karolinska University Hospital's operating model takes this into account and its shaped by the vision "Patient first".

There are a number of complex problems within the health care system that needs to be resolved. For instance, the combination of the development of medical specialisation with the creation of linear organisations has lead to patients finding it difficult to navigate within the health care system. Other difficulties are for instance to ensure the right competence at the right time or to keep the economy in balance. 

These problems are not solved over night and they demand a decisive choice of path. At Karolinska we have chosen to change our operating model completely, instead of adjusting it here and there. 

In developing the new operating model there are a lot of external factors that have been taken into account. We have been careful not to confine ourselves to a certain model, instead we have been inspired by several. Step by step we are heading towards the goal we aim to achieve: To treat each patient, including his or her experience and specific situation, as an equal part during the care.