Management team

The management team at Karolinska University Hospital. 

Björn Zoëga

Chief Executive Officer, CEO
E-post: assistant Maria Forsman

Annika Tibell

Director, Research, Education, and Innovation
E-post: assistant Christina Schröder

Ylwa Pernow

Chief Medical Officer
E-mail: assistant Sanna Sörman

Lisa Ulveland

Acting Director of Finance
E-mail: assistant Wenche Bäckström

Patricia Enocsson

Director, Human Resources
E-mail: secretary Tina Hjortsberg

Henrik Kennedy

Director of Communications
E-mail: assistant Mårten Nordqvist

Per Mattson

Acting Director, Heart and Vascular and Neuro Theme 
E-mail: assistant Yasemin Soler

Joachim Lundahl

Acting Director, Medical Diagnostics Karolinska
E-post: secretary Eva Hendig

David Konrad

Managing Director, Function Perioperative Medicine & Intensive Care
E-mail: assistant Katarina Ekoff 

Patrik Rossi

Managing Director, Cancer Theme
E-mail: assistant Nina Eklund Böö

Heidi Stensmyren

Managing Director, Women´s Health and Allied Health Professionals Theme
Emil: assistant Petra Dahlgren

Svante Norgren

Managing Director, Children´s Theme
E-mail: secretary Mia Granlund

Per Mattson

Managing Director, Emergency & Reparative Medicine Theme
E-mail: secretary Anna- Lena Bahn

Carina Metzner

Acting Director, Inflammation & Aging Theme
E-mail: assistant Kerstin Rydbeck Engvall