State-of-the-Art with Advanced Care

The new hospital building in Solna is a state-of-the-art facility and one of the most environmentally friendly university hospitals in the world. The hospital admitted its first patients in 2016 and now the building is in full operation. It´s the most seriously ill and injured patients that comes to the hospital.

The New Hospital Building in Solna

Services such as highly specialized cancer and cardiac care, acute trauma care, and pediatric care is provided in the new hospital building. 

Emergency patients arrives by ambulance or helicopter or by referral from care providers throughout Stockholm County - and in some cases, even from the rest of Sweden. Patients under treatment at Karolinska can also be admitted for emergencies here.  

The new hospital building has a rooftop helipad with room for two helicopters, as well as an ambulance hall for several ambulances and intensive care ambulances. 

Patient first

All patient rooms are single rooms with an extra bed for family members. In addition to greater privacy, single rooms help to reduce the spread of disease and hospital-acquired infections. The design and size of the rooms enable hospital staff to work directly with the patient in teams.

"Patient first" is an important vision underlying the design of the new facility and health care planning. 

Integrate care and patient-oriented research

The new hospital building is designed to promote even better collaboration between medical care, research and education. For example, outpatient clinic and patient rooms are adapted to allow both examinations and patient-oriented research to be conducted. Many natural meeting places between health care and academia can also be found here. A new research facility is built directly adjacent to the hospital and proximity to Karolinska Institutet, which is an important factor for creating the best opportunities for patient-oriented research. 

Functional and Scandinavian with a human touch

The objective is to create an environment that is safe for patients, as well as functional and pleasant. Interior furnishings feature Scandinavian materials throughout the hospital, while glass facades, atriums and green areas provide light and greenery. The environmental standards are high and the University Hospital is one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable in the world.

Art is on display everywhere and the University Hospital represents one of Sweden's largest art initiatives in a public setting. The hospital is also designed to be easily renovated to meet future operational and clinical needs.

Meeting future health care needs

The new hospital building is an important component of the Plan for the Future of Health Care, along with other major initiatives at other acute care hospitals and within the health care system in Stockholm County. The project also play a major role in Karolinska University Hospital's efforts to adapt operations to future health care needs in Stockholm. Karolinska University Hospital has been tasked with planning the health care services that it provides in Huddinge and Solna.