Health and Medical Services in Brief

Care is provided based on themes that focus even more strongly on the collective medical needs of the patient. Single rooms, more operating theatres and room for two helicopters meet the future needs of advanced health care. 

Thematic areas for Karolinska University Hospital

Health and medical services at Karolinska University Hospital in Solna provided is based on themes. Thematic care focus even more strongly on the collective medical needs of the patient, outpatient clinics and day care organize based on themes. The goal is, for care teams to work thematically in order to create even smoother patient flows. In addition, different clinics that treat the same patient group work more cohesively. 

The design and spatial location of the new hospital building, with proximity to important functions such as intensive care and surgery, make it possible to provide theme-based care. At the same time, the thematic approach also promotes medical research and development with specialists interacting on different levels. 

The themes are:

  • Children
  • Heart, Vascular, and Neuro
  • Cancer
  • Inflammation and Aging
  • Trauma and Reparative Medicine
  • Women's Health and Allied Health Professionals

Facts about care and the new hospital building

All 630 patient rooms are single rooms with a private shower and toilet. The newly built hospital thus has 630 beds. Patient rooms are 19 square meters in size. Hospital staff can gather around the patient for examination and treatment.

For faster analysis of test results, rooms for near-patient analysis in several locations are available in the hospital. Equipment for technology-intensive examinations such as X-ray and MRI are also available in several locations in the hospital and adapted to the diagnoses treated in nearby departments.

There are 36 operating theatres, including three hybrid rooms, as well as 100 day care beds and 168 outpatient clinic rooms. The operating rooms are 60, 90 or 120 square meters in size.

A rooftop helipad has room for two helicopters - one can land or take off while the other is parked. Emergency services in the new hospital building are adapted for trauma patients, as well as the most seriously ill and injured patients.

Emergency services at Karolinska University Hospital

Karolinska University Hospital have emergency departments for children and adults in both Solna and Huddinge, though the focus will be slightly different. The emergency room in Solna is be adapted to its mission to provide highly specialized care. Highly specialized care refers to advanced medical care that requires specific resources and expertise with respect to equipment and personnel.