Questions and answers about Eugeniavägen 23

Do you have questions about anything from food to single rooms and how to get here? Here are a few answers to questions about Karolinska University Hospital’s new hospital building that opened for it´s first patients in novenber 2016.

What is Eugeniavägen 3?

The main entrance to Karolinska University Hospital's new hospital building in Solna is located here.

Is there a reception?

Yes. The reception at the main entrance is staffed every day. At the reception, you can find information and ask questions, get help in finding your way and order taxis and disabled transports. The reception can also guide you further to the rest of the hospital campus.

How can I find a café or something to eat?

In the main entrance and the main building there are cafes and restaurant. You can also find cafés and something to eat in other buildings at the hospital campus.  the hopsital campus. There are coffee machines and vending machines for cold beverages and snacks at a number of places in the building.

Where is the bus stop?

The closest bus stop to the new hospital building is on Solnavägen, close to Eugeniavägen, next to the building. Refer to SL for route instructions and bus schedules.

How can I find my way on the campus, is there a map?

There is a general map of the entire hospital campus that includes the hospital building with names of buildings, parking areas and the like.

Where is there parking?

There is a parking garage at Eugeniavägen below the building via a down ramp. Relatively close by, there is also a larger parking garage at Framstegsgatan 9. There are also more parking areas on the hospital campus.

Inside the building

How can I find my way in the new hospital building?

There is a map that provides an overall view of the new building and how to find your way.

Are there waiting rooms?

Yes, there is a reception and seating at many care units/clinics. At some elevators, there is also a lounge where you can just have a seat or meet relatives.

Are there rooms to sit in during the hospital stay?

Yes, there are day rooms at the serving kitchens for admitted overnight patients. Smaller day rooms at the daytime care units/clinics are available for daytime patients. Public areas are available for all visitors.

Why are there only single rooms?

Single rooms provide a more patient safe environment, reduce the risk of the spread of disease and protect integrity. The rooms have their own toilet, shower and an extra bed for relatives.

Is there a possibility of activities for children and young people in inpatient care?

Yes, children and young people can participate in and experience activities in various ways during their hospital stay. There is a special area where one can sit and read or just spend time. There are also rooms with activities for children who are a little older. Here are also mobile activities for children and young people.

Where can I go for a quiet moment?

In the main entrance the hospital chapel has "A room for serenity" that is open to everyone, believers and non-believers, and cooperates with various religious organizations and religious communities. There is support here around the clock.

How is the work at the hospital organized?

The single rooms are designed so that the healthcare staff can work in teams directly with the patient. This reduces the number of moves for the patient since several examinations can be done in the rooms. The organization and ways of working are based on the patient and the patient's route through the healthcare system and are designed based on medical approaches that focus on the patient's collective needs.

How are materials transported?

Transport of materials in the hospital is done with silent, automated trucks (AGVs) without environmentally disruptive emissions. They transport patient food, patient and bed textiles, sterile goods and medication, etc. Every truck has a name, which has been given to them by children.

Construction project until 2018

When was the whole building be finished?

In 2018, the whole hospital was finished. The most advanced and highly specialized care is gathered in the new hospital.