The Swedish Testbed for Innovative Radiotherapy

The Swedish Testbed for Innovative Radiotherapy is a highly specialized testbed for innovative radiotherapy and quality assurance. It is also a platform for collaboration between healthcare providers and industry.The developing project is now concluded and the University Hospital of Umeå is the coordinator of the testbed.

We envision a creative interface between the university hospitals and medical technology companies.

The testbed is used for developing products, services and organisational solutions that are needed – and demanded – in the healthcare sector. Companies test their innovations in relevant environments and can shorten their development process.

A gateway to the university hospitals

The testbed paves the way for co-ordinated tests in clinical settings at all university hospitals in Sweden.

This provides access to

  • patient populations from all over the country
  • a variety of user environments
  • cutting edge expertise.

Also offering

  • a national database solution for effective analysis
  • MRI-based radiotherapy
  • QA for MRI-based radiotherapy
  • positioning and immobilization standards
  • adaptive radiotherapy
  • showcase for international marketing.

Parties who developed the Testbed

All Swedish university hospitals, Regional Cancer Centers, Elekta Instrument, Siemens, Naslund Medical, ScandiDos, Cureos and Micropos Medical. Coordinated by the Innovation Center at Karolinska University Hospital. Financed in part by VINNOVA (Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems).