Innovation Support at Karolinska - Annual report 2021


The Center for Innovation at Karolinska University Hospital aims to strengthen the conditions for innovation through proactive efforts, increased systematics and supporting frameworks in line with the hospital's strategic direction. In concrete terms, this means innovation support for clinical and other departments, innovation work in selected areas such as information-driven and location-independent healthcare, and industry collaborations based on healthcare needs.

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A brief summary of 2021

  • Holistic innovation support is now available at three levels (strategic, tactical, and operational). A training package is supplemented by other support based on the needs of the clinical departments. The aim is to increase innovation capabilities and align innovation efforts more broadly.
  • Karolinska’s innovation courses are now also offered regionally as well as through a European training academy that will equip healthcare professionals with the capabilities needed to fulfil and drive the transformation of healthcare.
  • Procurement continues to be developed as a strategic tool to drive innovation based on healthcare needs through, national, and European collaborations.
  • A survey demonstrates opportunities for supporting implementation in the region and locally.
  • Within Karolinska’s innovation partnership with industry, combined innovation and research projects are carried out, generating scientific publications, and providing close links between research and clinical implementation. In 2021, for
    example, jointly developed technology for increased surgical precision has begun to be introduced into clinical practice and is further developed for new surgical areas.
  • Two EU projects and a regional project have been finalized and laid the foundation for remote solutions and implementation of AI in healthcare.
  • A new treatment program for psychosocial support for young people with cancer has started to be implemented and the electronic My Care Plan is adapted for patients who are young adults and teenagers.
  • The way patients can be involved in innovation work is constantly evolving, to see how the degree of patient involvement can increase and what roles patients may have.


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