Welcome to a dialogue around AI development for digital pathology


21 January. Karolinska University Hospital invites Industry for dialogue around development and clinical implementation of new AI-tools for Digital Pathology in Colo-Rectal Cancer.

The purpose of this dialogue with the market is for Karolinska University Hospital to thoroughly understand the state of art with regards to digital pathology AI decision support tools, and the potential interest from the market to participate in AI algorithm development and implementation with Karolinska and its clinical partner, as well as for the hospital to share its on-going and current strategies and developments with regards to implementation of digital pathology. And for Karolinska to, after such dialogues, formulate an implementation strategy for the specified AI decision support tool, likely encompassing a public procurement for the selection and business agreement with a suitable industry partner.

Open hearing 21st of January

An open hearing with Q&As will be held the 21st of January at Karolinska University Hospital, Solna at 15.00-17.00. If interested, please contact Tomas Borgegård.

Request for information, RFI

Deadline for RFI is 31st of January.
Follow link to RFI documents: 2020/S 010-019492


Supported by the regional I-AID project – Integrated AI Diagnostics

The dialogue is supported by the I-AID project, a regional effort to accelerate the use of AI in healthcare, matching clinical needs with leading AI developers. Read more about I-AID on the project web site 


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