Innovation collaboration agreement signed for AI-based decision support tool


Karolinska University Hospital and Region Stockholm have signed a contract with the company Combinostics, which will be the partner for the development of an AI-based decision support tool for MRI diagnostics in Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

The aim is to improve quality, diagnostic precision and effecicency for the benefit of patients with Multiple Sclerosis

The goal is to jointly develop, clinically validate and implement an AI-based decision support tool to be used in the diagnosis and follow-up of MS patients, to improved quality, diagnostic precision and increased efficiency. The development is part of the regional project I-AID aiming to accelerate the development and implementation of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

The procurement – an innovation in itself

–This is a milestone for the I-AID project that has driven the work that has now led to this procured collaboration, where research, innovation and possible clinical use are included, says Birgitta Janerot, project manager.

In the I-AID project, Karolinska and Region Stockholm have tested a unique novel twist of Public Procurement of Innovation where the selection criteria did not include price. Instead, quality parameters, such as experience and competence of the supplier, have been used for selection. And remuneration to the supplier has been specified up front in the form of unique clinical resources rather than monetary.

– It is very exciting that we have succeeded with this procurement, which to our knowledge never have been carried out before, and which shows that companies and healthcare can find a ' win-win ' and together effectively contribute to the development and implementation of new innovative solutions for healthcare, says Tomas Borgegård, Innovation Manager at the Center for Innovation at Karolinska.


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