Innovation in healthcare at Karolinska takes the stage at SXSW


The Center for Innovation will share the experiences of working with innovation at Karolinska University Hospital at this year's SXSW (South by Southwest) on March 10.

Stefan Vlachos, Head of The Center for Innovation, will talk about the experiences of working with innovation at Karolinska University Hospital. He will take part in a panel discussion on value-based care, together with the Albert Einstein Hospital from Brazil.  

Stefan Vlachos, Head of the Center for Innovation, Karolinska University Hospital

– We work broadly in three innovation areas: Location independant care (how do we meet the patient where it suits the patient); Individualized care (how do we tailor care to each individual patient – from genetics to socioeconomic factors); and Scalable care (how do we care for existing and potentially many more patients without the need to be many more people), Stefan Vlachos says about what challenges the innovation work at Karolinska University Hospital are addressing.

We build innovation management expertise (new profession, analogous to, say, project management and quality management) and apply it to important needs and opportunities in our health care environment. That means a lot of collaboration – with other care givers, with industry, with academia.

Read more about the panel "Value-Based Care from Sweden to Brazil" (opens in new window).

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