Procurement for LIVE INCITE published


The procurement for the EU project LIVE INCITE has now been published. This means that companies can submit proposals for digital solutions that support patients to change their lifestyle before surgery for better results from their treatment. The proposals chosen are then developed by companies in collaboration with Karolinska University Hospital and two other European hospitals.

LIVE INCITE is an EU-funded project that implements a pre-commercial procurement of innovation of digital solutions. The solutions should support behavioral change prior to surgery to reduce the risk of complications and thus provide better outcomes of treatment. Most of the EU funds, a total of EUR 4.2 million, will go to the companies involved in solving the challenge within healthcare.

Complete information of the Request for Tenders can be found at:

To download the Request for tenders documents, create an account and follow the instructions. Continuous Q&A will be published during the tendering period at:

Continuous info will be communicated on the LIVE INCITE website:

An open presentations meeting will be held in Stockholm, at Karolinska University Hospital in Solna, approximately 2 weeks after publishing. This meeting is an open, to anyone, information meeting in which the Procurer presents the Request for Tenders verbally. Further details will be published on the LIVE INCITE website shortly.