How can service design support healthcare to solve the most relevant problems?


In-house innovation and service design in healthcare was the focus of the innovation sessions at the second day of the Research Meeting between Mayo Clinic, Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital.

8 September, session Innovation, 10.00-11.30

Innovation from within a hospital

How can we support the development of solutions that are based on needs that patients and staff have? The value of in-house innovation is that we can support the understanding and finding of clinical needs, in order to solve the right problems that are worth solving, instead of solemnly solving problems.

Stefan Vlachos, Head, Center for Innovation, Karolinska University Hospital

How do we use design thinking in healthcare innovation?

Curious about the buzz around design thinking in healthcare innovation?

Join our workshop that will guide you step by step through a practical case of how to approach a challenge. The major focus will be on the initial phase in the innovation process: Differentiating between a potential solution, the problem that it tries to address and at the core of it all – the different needs that underpin the problem itself.

Workshop facilitator: Anna Thies, Senior Healthcare Service Designer at the Center for Innovation, Karolinska University Hospital